Write For Us

Webetutorial have been providing services from 2015. The primary goal of webetutorial is to transport quality content to the readers.

Readers can share their valuable tips, ideas and guest blogs which can be useful for others.

Reasons to Write for Webetutorial

Guest posting has following remarkable benefits of high-quality guest posting

  • Enormous backlinks
  • Huge traffic
  • Building relationships with the more clients
  • Reputable brand and leads

General Guidelines

  • Article length should be 700 words or greater.
  • Post titles no over 70 or 75 characters long, relevant description, and relevant images.
  • Bulleted lists and unordered lists.
  • No duplicate contents.
  • Admin has the ownership of the content.
  • Can be remove/delete the content any time if found any delicacy or copyright or unwanted topic included
  • The some topics we will not accept like adult, weapon, alcohol etc…
  • You will get one nofollow link in free guest post.
  • To get one dofollow link, we will charge USD $200/Year. For more information contact us on info@webetutorial.com.
  • In the case of paid link expire link will be marked as nofollow but will not remove.
  • To add author bio and watermarked images, we will charge USD $400/Year. For more information contact us on info@webetutorial.com.

What Kind Of Content We Do Accept

We accept all type of guest blogs here but some of topics which we give high priority and lowest time to analysis.

You should be thinking about below some topics in your guest post pitch:

  • Recipes
  • Recipes Videos

Note: Submission of guest post doesn’t assurance publication. Your submission must be unique and good quality content to be reviewed to meets our guidelines to publish.