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Here we are going to tell you newly released paid stories of Wattpad – read books & stories website. the website is uploading paid stories for those persons who are looking into paid content.

The below is the list of latest this week paid content:

Tell Me a Story

Emma Price meets Caleb king in a charity reading event, neither can deny their sizzling chemistry. However, when the pair begin exploring each other’s sexual fantasies while increasing their intimacy outside the bedroom, starts off as casual changes more. It was something that he did not expect from two different worlds, but there is no doubt in his mind that it would be worth it in the end to risk for love.


Ryan Knightley is trying to make it through his freshman year of college without issue, but he is mistakenly placed in a male hostel and is the most notorious drug dealer on campus with Nixon Hyes. She finds herself having intercourse with Nixon when someone close to her dies and quickly loses herself to the same substances that her roommate sells. Nixon’s Playboy best friend, Seth Jameson, wants to save him … but the more the boys join him, the more control Ryan’s life gets.

Plunder (The Pirate King Series)

the orphaned housewife prepares for the worst after a pirate kidnaps seventeen-year-old Ana. Instead, amidst a shipwreck, rebellion, and her growing feelings for her captor – the dashing pirate of the Caribbean, Alastair Kinkead – Ana soon realizes that the secret she holds remains the most of her new life. Away from the dangerous part. But it is not easy to play the role of the nutritious daughter of a Spanish admiral among the rip-offers, and she needs to learn to trust more than just her intelligence and her charm to avoid both discovery and hanging.

You in Real Life

Soon after sixteen-year-old Mazi Dor moves to the city, she falls prey to the ghost of a teenage boy. The ghost doesn’t remember anything, so Mazie calls him Jack. Until then, she never knew that ghosts could dance, nor that it was possible to fall in love with one! But then Mazi meets Blake, a mean, popular boy at her new high school – and she realizes that Blake is Jack’s living counterpart. This means that Blake is in grave danger, and only Mazi can help him, but saving this obnoxious boy can end his ghost love forever…

When Mary Met Halley

Eight years after a tragic accident in which one of her loved ones died, Mary Kinkaid is about to marry her childhood sweetheart when the universe again removes the rug from under her, leaving her fiancée badly injured and Goes into a coma. Of course, this is when her secret mistress shows up, a beautiful person whom Mary must hate for all rights – so why does she invite herself to stay in the spare bedroom? She soon learns that sometimes the person you are looking for comes when you are not looking at all.

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