SQL Injection

At the point when SQL is utilized to show information on a site page, it is regular to let web clients enter their own particular pursuit values. SQL explanations are content just, it is simple, with a little bit of PC code, to progressively change SQL articulations to give the client chose information. SQL Injection …

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SQL Group By

The SQL GROUP BY tag is utilized as a part of coordinated effort with the SELECT articulation to mastermind indistinguishable information into gatherings. The GROUP BY tag takes after the WHERE tag in a SELECT proclamation and goes before the ORDER BY tag. Syntax:- The essential language structure of GROUP BY tag is given underneath. …

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The SQL TOP or LIMIT phrase is used to obtain TOP N number records from a table. SQL Syntax:- SELECT column_name FROM table_name LIMIT number; Example:- The subsequent SQL query selects 5 records from the “Visitors” table: SELECT * FROM Visitors LIMIT 5; Example2:- The subsequent SQL query selects top 2 records from the “Visitors” …

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HTML Tables

Tables are defined by the table tag. Tables are divided into table rows by the tr tag. Table rows are divided into table data by the td tag. A table row could also be divided into table headings by the th tag.