How To Avoid Spam Comments Using htaccess file WordPress

WordPress website owner and Developer have the biggest challenge to face spamming from bots or fake users who continuesly shoot the email/comment to promote some product/website. Commenting is the most common options of spamming for spammers. When we talk about WordPress then you have various ways to get spam comment. For the wordpress websites, we …

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HTML Images

In HTML, images use the tag. The tag does not have a closing tag. Image tag contains two attributes src and alt. Src specifies the URL of the image and alt tag specifies the alternative name of image.

HTML Meta Tags

The META elements have name/value pairs describing properties of the HTML document ex: author, expiry date, a list of keywords etc. The meta tag does not have a closing tag but it holds information within its attributes.

HTML Formatting

The HTML Formatting contain special type of text like Bold text, Italic text, Deleted text, Inserted text, Emphasized text, Marked text, Small text, Subscripts, Superscripts that is used for Formatting purpose.

HTML File Creation

Programming exists that will do things like auto complete code, offer you code insights, worked in HTML parts for you, give you a configuration perspective to work in rather than code constantly, and numerous different things you might discover supportive and profitable