How To Start a Blog In 2020 From Scratch [Step By Step Guide]

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    Do you want to learn how to start a blog to start your online business or earn money online?

    Hi, my name is victor.

    I have been blogging for over five years and love every moment of it. Blogging helped me to make income from an online platform.

    When I was learning how to create a blog in 2015, it took me some time to get the right information about writing and promoting online, and I had to look for it on different websites. So I thought about the tutorial that will give you a step-by-step blog guide to teach beginners, how to make a blog faster and easier.

    How to Start a Own Business Blog in 8 Easy Steps

    • Step #1: Select a perfect niche for your blog
    • Step #2: Choose a blogging platform
    • Step #3: Pick a domain name
    • Step #4: Get a web hosting account
    • Step #5: Starting a blog on WordPress with Bluehost or SiteGround
    • Step #6: Select a WordPress theme to design your blog
    • Step #7: Write content and promote your blog
    • Step #8: Make money blogging

    Before you move forward on the steps for, how to create an online blog, let me give you some valuable facts in the below guide. This guide provides details of why you should start a blog with WordPress.

    Why are you starting a blog?

    Are you looking online platform to keep your followers updated on the latest brand? Do you want to explain on an online platform, how your product/service works, and why people should buy it?

    Online blogging platform can help your followers to inform, educate, promote, and even sell you, but only if you are clear about your intentions from the start.

    Therefore, take some time to explore the topic, niches, or things on which you are an expert or your business you will start. In the meantime, enjoy our blogging to:

    • Enhance writing and thinking skills
    • Establish expertise
    • Increase confidence
    • To make money blogging guide
    • Turn your business into a highly profitable endeavor

    Step #1: Select a perfect niche for your blog

    Before you start a successful blog you must have a niche on that you will write blog on your website, to get traffic of good readers. In short, a niche is a topic that you have content to upload frequently in your blog. Niche blogs can be easily monetized and usually include affiliate links to become profitable.

    How to choose a niche for your blog

    To be a successful online blogging website, you have to choose the right niche and acquire the highest knowledge within that subject to work. By choosing a niche of interest and keeping your own content, you will be able to make unique blog ideas from the competition.

    Step #2: Choose a blogging platform

    At this step, you have to find the best blogging sites out there and determine the type of blog management tool you want to use. I suggest that you create your blog using the self-hosted which we will talk about in this guide. When it comes to popular blogging platforms, you have the following options: free and self-hosted.

    Free platform

    For many new bloggers, the availability of free blog platforms such as WordPress is fascinated.

    By placing your blog on a free platform, You will be subject to their rules and restrictions. They can also advertise on their own advertisements. If you are serious about blogging, you want to get away from free blog sites.

    Self-hosted platform

    Self-hosted platforms, you are fully in charge of your blog and its content to run a blog using your own domain.

    When you talk about self-hosted systems you have several options to make blog or design with your own template. WordPress is a self-host because you will use your own web hosting location and name. If you use our recommended hosting company, it will cost only a few bucks per month (hosting account), and you may get a free name (domain) for the first year.

    The actual CMS is usually open-source and free. Although I have mentioned a few free hosting options to own your blog. Pay a small amount every month, and you will build your equity.

    Step #3: Pick a domain name

    Your domain name will be the name by which you will be known online, no matter which niche you choose. This is your unique address on the Internet. As long as you keep paying the annual fee, your domain will be yours. Users who know your domain / URL can type it in their browser’s address bar. Others will be able to search you through search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    Your domain name may be highly popular “.com,” or it may be country specific.

    If you can’t find the domain name you like, Bluehost will let you choose a free domain later. This will give you time to do some research and thinking.

    Here are four tips that help you find the domain of your dreams –

    • Keep it short and simple – try to keep your domain short, do not make it too long because it is not easy to pronounce and it is easy to keep your domain name just because it is easy to remember.
    • Use Keywords – You can use your main keyword in your domain, which helps you in SEO.
    • Do not use numbers – you cannot use numbers in your domain because numbers are not easy to remember.

    Step #4: Get a web hosting account

    After choosing a domain name, choosing reliable hosting services will be one of the most important decisions you will make. To a large extent, the functionality and performance of your site will depend on your blog hosting. The host ensures that your site is available 24/7 to potential readers and is where your files are stored online.

    Most hosting companies also provide domain registration services. Your web host is a key piece of the puzzle for creating a successful blog; therefore, you must choose a reliable provider.

    According to our survey and blogging experts, Bluehost and SiteGround is a reliable provider.

    Step #5.1: Starting a blog on WordPress with Bluehost

    This section provides detailed information to help you to sign up for the web hosting account and how to set up a WordPress blog in few steps. As an example, I will show you how to make a blog with Bluehost, and I included screenshots of the pages that you need to go through.

    1. Start With Bluehost

    Click Here to visit Bluehost. Then click on the “Get Started Now” button that you can see in below screenshot.

    2. Select Your Blog’s Hosting Plan

    You should start by selecting your plan and that will depend on what type of business is going to start. For small scale business you can go with lower plan. If this is your first blog website, you should go with the basic one. The one called pro should be able to cover all your needs once you get going.

    3. Choose Your Domain Name

    Your domain name has an important role in the success of your blog or company selling, so you should take time to come up with this. Just not type in the desired domain in this “new domain” box but also do some search on its available or not. If not, then how do you find a list of similar names for you? Here Bluehost can also suggest you to find in to get a list of domains.

    4. Register For Bluehost

    After you pick out your domain name, you will move on the registration page where it will be required from you to fill in your information with the billing data.

    5. Select Your Hosting Options

    Pay additional attention to your hosting options if you have need from your hosting. The additional package will need more amount but with the 12-month package has the lowest price if you want to make a long term investment.

    6. Now Your WordPress Blog Is Ready To Launch With Bluehost

    Now, we are almost done, you need o install WordPress in your hosting account using below instructions:

      • Go to your Bluehost cPanel account.
      • Find the ‘My Sites’ section,
      • And click Install WordPress with one-click set-up option.
      • Now setup your design and layout of website to go live.

    Step #5.2: Launch Your WordPress Blog With Siteground

    Siteground is the no.1 hosting for beginners. The hosting offers 24/7 hour support and services with very reliable amount rather than another hosting.

    With my personal experience, when I started blogging, I tried cheap hosting but the load time of server is disappointed me. I thought to movie with this hosting and now getting 99.9% up time.

    In this part, I will talk about “how you can purchase the domain and hosting from Siteground”.

    1. Click HERE, To Start With SiteGround Plans.

    2. Choose Your Favorite Domain

    Pick your domain name as you can get in short and easy to remember with no number or complex structure.

    3. Fill Your Account Information

    You have to fill your account information with credit/debit card details to purchase your choose domain and hosting plan.

    Step #6: Find The Right Theme For Your Blog Design

    The first important thing of your blog is front-end that needs design and layout to attract users. In the long run blogging, you need to add information for your visitors to easily find and like on your site.

    Start your search for a theme design for your WordPress platform that would be free or paid. Your readers will first get attention from the overall appearance, before taking a look at the content. You need to choose a theme that is compatible with chooses niche.  If you have knowledge about wordpress, you can set theme or you can hire developer from top freelancing website.

    Step #7: Write Content And Promote Your Blog

    By now, you’ve captured a domain name, chosen your blog site and set the theme, and you’re ready to go. Your outline is complete. Now comes the moment of truth. You must learn to write blog content – In the blogging world, any useful information you bring to readers can be called “content”. It would be like interacting with some people and coming back to get more value.

    The next step is to find out what content you need to create for your new blog and follow the best practices. Whether your blog is primarily composed of words, photos, videos, etc. – content will be the bait that draws your crowd.

    Here are three simple steps approach you can use to make great content of any type:

    • Point. State your main idea on niche which you have made website and point you are covering.
    • Prove. Give an example of the idea of niches you are covering.
    • Perform. Give a simple ways in points to execute the idea to get success.

    Step #8: Start Promoting Your Blog

    The success of blog promotion or marketing will depend on your ability to engage in your niche. You need to focus on the advanced and direct promotional activities to become a successful blogger.

    • Tell your friends about your blog
    • Submit your blog to search engines
    • Submit your blog to bookmarking sites
    • Be active in your niche
    • Be active on social networks
    • Comment on another blog
    • Guest blogging
    • Start building your mailing list
    • Advertising on the web (paying traffic)

    Step #9: How To Make Money Blogging

    Monetization is the process of translating your blog activity into earnings. You should keep in mind that blogging isn’t all about making money but instead creating useful content that will attract readers and make them come back for more.

    After producing great content for some time and by engaging with your niche market, you will become a recognized expert who will be able to build a significant list of followers and subscribers. Only then you could consider adding content that will generate income.

    Step #10: Blog monetization channels

    Monetization is the process of activity of start earnings. You should keep in mind with monetization that blogging is not about making money, but it is also way to create useful content that will attract readers and bring them back for more.

    Here we will give to points on top blog monetization channels:

    • Running ads on your blog
    • Enrolling in affiliate programs
    • Selling your products and services
    • Writing and selling an Ebook
    • Sponsored posts

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