Three Dead, Approx 170 Injured By Cuba Tornado

Havana late Sunday a powerful tornado slammed 174 injured and three people are dead, according to sources. The storm came down lightposts and that floodwater’s vortex around car’s in the Cuban capital which is a favourite destination for Canadian visitors who like winter sun.

President Miguel posted on Twitter today, standing with rescue team besides what looked to be a transport that had been revoke by the storm.

The Telegraph reported that President called the tornado casualty “severe” on his Twitter feed.
Fall cyclones are not special but tornadoes are not normally related with the Caribbean.

According to cuban media and havana residents photos which is posted on Twitter, cars crushed by destroyed lightposts and cars trapped in floodwater’s around the city.

According to local radio station the vicinities of Regla and the town of San Miguel de Padron had been spurious by the tornado.

The Telegraph said sirens were bellowing across the city overnight as disaster workers rescued the injured.

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