Must have Features for WooCommerce Website

Just having a magnificently designed WooCommerce website is not sufficient in this time. client and Search engine suppose lot more from your website.

Check out some of our necessary tips that how to analysis your WooCommerce website

1. Easy to Understand – Website should be easy to understand by Google and customers. Utilize optimized images AJAX and JS as feasible. It is useful in website crawling and site loading speed.

2. Device Friendly – Having a device friendly or responsive design is very significant because popular of population has modified Android or going to in near future, and Google also provides more precedence to device friendly websites.

3. Protected Payment procedure – It’s actually significant that your website should have SSL installed and all connections are going through encryption to procedure the transaction securely. SSL help structure customer and Google faith.

4. Easy Checkout Alternative – If site’s checkout alternative is not client friendly and client is not able to search out clear plan about next steps to checkout then you are absent hundreds of potential orders and long term consumers. Nobody wants to come back to a website which has difficult or deadly checkout procedure. You can optimize the ditch cart.

5. URL Navigation – Your eCommerce site navigation should be simple to know and in static arrangement.

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6. Exclusive Design – Web design always acting necessary role in attracting clients so be exclusive and leave long-lasting impression on them. exclusive and beautiful design distinguishes you from your struggle.

7. Feedback Page – Feedback page is very essential for eCommerce website as user love talking about products, your services if they actually like it.

8. Call to Action – Your site should have call to action buttons and deliberately placed on website based on your customer experience. You can use A/B testing to observe what are the finest places to put call to action buttons.

9. Social Media Integration – You could speak this is the time of Social Media and if your web store doesn’t have social existence then you may be loosing potential production these days, particularly if your product is direct client oriented. incorporate the fashionable social media to your website such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr etc.

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10. Caution – Don’t overdo it. Go with 2-3 social media platforms and build most out of them. Each social medium doesn’t work for everybody.

11. SEO Friendly – You could appoint a SEO organization to optimize your website if you have decent monthly account but if you aren’t scheduling to provide a lot then you could utilize SEO plugins and request your designer to incorporate into your website. YOAST are good quality SEO plugins. These plugin will at smallest amount assist you in on-page optimization.

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