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Excellent Websites for Checking Google Keyword Rankings




Excellent Websites for Checking Google Keyword Rankings

Google Keyword Ranking, where you will check website is ranking with keywords. Keyword gives major impact on your website traffic, lead generation and conversions. Website half of traffic comes through all search engines, show result on the first page and higher your rank on that SERP.

Organic and paid SERP rankings both could be getting by AdWords, keyword research tools and your keyword analysis. Best keyword tracking tools allow you to spend genuine time to find match keyword for your website. Website statistics and conversion analysis depend on your optimized SERP result.

In this article we will tell you about some keyword find & tracking tools that works for you to pick out the best keyword option.


SEMrush is a most popular tool and many people are getting best keyword by using this tool. This is a complete solution for keyword finding.

You can find keywords just enter website URL of a blog post, and check current ranking. This tool allows you to check further click by check keyword competition and other details.

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SEMrush is professional software which makes your work easy and available in free 14-day trial.

Seo Profiler

You can use SEO Profiler as a second choice for keyword tracking. SEO Profiler can integrate with Google Analytics.
SEO Profiler keeps significant competitors and keywords that are ranking on same keywords. It will notify you for keyword opportunities if keywords aren’t ranking yet but have the potential to do so if used correctly.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner Tool is a Traffic Estimator which allows you to research keywords and trends. It will help you to prepare your content and searching best suited keywords for your business website. Google Planner not only gives suggestion for keywords but also tell their rank.


Ahrefs is a favorite keyword ranking tool rather than SEMRush or GKP.  It is mainly focuses on backlinks and competent keyword ranking. This will gives you information of external links of your competition.

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This tool as a keyword ranking tool automatically finds the keyword where website is ranking on. You can also be able to find keyword for specify country. The tool has limited free version with limited features so, to use full features you can go with monthly package.


SimilarWeb is a tool for traffic insights for any website and create report on your global, country, and category ranking. This tool will give you an idea about your site performance and indicate for views of your site have received from social media, searches, referrals, and ads.


WooRank’s gives technical information on website. It allows adding competitor sites’ URLs and makes comparisons website ranks against theirs.

The website has review function to check current ranking and gives feedback with highlighting sections.
WooRank offer free 7-day trial and Pro Plan (limited to one project) at $49 per month or the Premium plan at $149 a month.

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Authority Labs


Moz Rank Tracker


These website are mostly used to check rank and website keyword to increase website quality and traffic. Some are free, offer trail version and paid but it is important that you find one best that works for your website.

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