Emirates airlines for a vast experience

If you are looking for travel in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, you can fly with emirates airlines. Millions of people have been taken the amazing experience of travel with emirates first class and economy class. You will get your money worth with all facility also in cheaper price.

Here we are going to show you some features of different class:

First Class:

Shower Spa

If you are member of the ‘mile high club’, you can blow your own horn about your shower spa while shooting through the air.

No Queueing

In the normal class/economy class you have to wait for your change because there are many formalities to complete before check in. If you are travelling with the first class you don’t need to wait in the queue of check in.

Wonderful On-Flight Dining

You have right to use to a long list of meals and a tasty midnight snack, while you are in the air with emirates airline which will give you an unrivalled in-flight dining experience. All meals are presented in Royal Doulton fine bone with exclusive Robert Welch cutlery. In the drink, you may get a chance of vintage champagne, wine or a refreshing cocktail.

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You will get a private cabin to do anything there, whether you are on the air. You can sleep in behind of hidden an automated door and experience the private luxury hotel room in the sky.

Economy Class:


You will get unlimited access to free WiFi usage and in-seat power to charge fast without interrupting your work.

Region-Inspired Food On-Flight

If you are travelling with emirates airline, than you will get food which you would like and that is related to any region or country.


You will get a TV screen in front of your screen which will allow you to listen to music, watch movies, TV shows and select of fun games.

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