How to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website in 5 Easy Steps

Make Sure You Have a Steady Stream of Shareable Content on Your Website

If you’ve got a website that never changes, you’re getting to struggle to urge abundant traffic thereto. Posting links to a similar page on your web site over and over is as futile as mythical being rolling the boulder up Capitol Hill.

These days, the name of the exercise is content trading and you had higher fathom however your business will participate.

The fresh, new content you post on your website is important—not just for social media trading, however additionally for computer programmer optimization. Google rewards sites that includes recent content with higher ranking. however you don’t need to post epic journal articles 3 times every week to win at the content trading game. Posting one stuff new and effective once every week or maybe once a month will profit your website traffic .

Here square measure some concepts which will assist you brainstorm however you’ll add new content to your website:

Post a weekly tip regarding your niche. It doesn’t need to be long; a paragraph or 2 with a pleasant image can just do fine. begin with the commonly asked queries that are available in from your customers.

Post a weekly news bite with a photograph regarding what’s happening in your business.
parson a listing of high ten useful articles from round the internet that you just found that week. Add a brief sentence regarding why you likable them.

Make it Easy to Share Your Content to Facebook on Your Website

Once you’ve got contemporary content, you would like to create it shareable. Your ambition is to feature a social share plugin and/or Facebook Share buttons.

I like mistreatment the Digg Digg plugin as a result of it’s all of the buttons i would like to show and it floats on the aspect of the post because the reader scrolls through the article. however you’ll conjointly need to think about adding static share buttons at the start and finish of the post that square measure inline with the article. you’ll be able to conjointly do that with the Digg Digg plugin.

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Don’t ignore share buttons on the individual pages of your websites. whereas individuals might not be sharing your “Contact me” page, you’ll have smart content on a resource page of your web site that you simply need to permit individuals to share simply.

Also take into account posing for a Facebook share if you are feeling you’ve got a very useful journal post. cue readers at the top of your article by spoken language one stuff like, “Did you invent this text helpful? be at authorize to share it on Facebook by mistreatment the buttons below. once you’re making content, continually keep your customer’s profit in mind

Optimize Your Facebook Posts

The next factor you would like to try and do is confirm to optimize the method you post. There are essentially 3 alternative ways you’ll post a link to your web site, and reckoning on your audience (and however Facebook’s formula happens to be functioning at the moment), you’ll get totally different results.

The traditional thanks to post a link is simply to chop and paste the link into the standing section and permit the link to tug within the pic and data.

Another way to post a link is to post a photograph and so add the link into the standing update with to a small degree publicity concerning the link. the great factor concerning this can be that the outline travels with the pic once it’s shared therefore you’re then dominant the message a little a lot of. the opposite nice factor is that photos will show up larger within the news feed.

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One technique that has been common within the past to induce larger reach is to post your link within the standing section and so “X-out” the link information that’s force in to vary the post to “text solely” albeit it’s a link in it. The good thing about this within the past has been that text-only posts were obtaining a lot of reach.

But Facebook recently proclaimed that the new Facebook formula can show fewer text posts from pages. therefore we’ll have to be compelled to watch however the effectiveness of this strategy changes

With all of those approaches, you would like to check that one gets the foremost engagement and drives the foremost traffic for you.

Once you post the content, you will wish to contemplate boosting it with some advertising.

Optimize Other Places on Facebook to Add Links to Your Website

To drive additional traffic to your web site, make certain you have got links in different elements of your Facebook page that individuals could also be visiting.

Use your concerning page to direct individuals to completely different areas of your web site.

Add links to your milestones.

Add links in your image descriptions.

When somebody clicks on your image, they’re going to see the image description.

Use custom tabs with links to your website.

Consider using Associate in Nursing application like Networked Blogs to usher in links to your diary posts into the tab mechanically.


Advertising on Facebook will be a good choice to get targeted traffic if you’ve got a budget. And with Facebook’s recent announcements concerning remitted organic reach, advertising goes to be even a lot of vital for marketers.

To drive traffic to your web site, you’ll either produce a commercial from scratch with a link to your web site, or boost content that you’ve already announce. once you boost content, bear in mind to post one thing that doesn’t have a photograph that has over 2 hundredth text in it or it won’t get approved by Facebook. you’ll use Facebook’s text overlay tool to live the number of text.

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One issue that I’ve found with boosting a post is that it doesn’t sometimes lead to lots of link clicks. you sometimes get a lot of likes and comments on the post, that boosts the engagement of the post itself. However, if you actually wish clicks to your web site, you’re comfortable victimization the Ads Manager and selecting that objective.

Remember to use the news feed ads to assist you improve your click-through rate even a lot of as a result of the ads within the right column don’t get clicked the maximum amount.

Guide your web site traffic to attain your goals.

Finally, confirm you recognize why you’re driving a lot of traffic to your web site. If your web site isn’t giving a decision to action once your guests get there, you’re missing the purpose.

Each piece of content on your web site ought to do one thing to escort your potential client any on your sales funnel. you would possibly kindle individuals to discuss your web log post to have interaction with them, or tell individuals to register for a freebee thus you’ll get them on your email story list or maybe obtain the phone to administer you a decision.

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