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Average cost for basic items in Abu Dhabi costs of customary products have changed since a year ago. In spite of the fact that a decent number of things have really remained the equivalent in cost once more, the greatest distinction come in cabs have gone up.

Here we will discuss a few merchandise that is expanded, diminished and remain same as look at of a year ago.


Since the value deregulation which happened in August 2015, petroleum costs have been everywhere with a few months up and some down, however for the most part costs are down by and large since the deregulation started.
The cost was set for September 2017 as pursues: one liter of ‘Exceptional’ fuel, the most well-known one will presently set you back Dhs1.78. This is entirely from Dhs1.75 from the earlier month, yet in certainty down impressively from the August 2015 cost of Dhs2.14. So to give you a model, on our auto – a Toyota Prado Land cruiser with a tank scope of around 990km, we normal 13.5litres per 100kms, so it costs us around Dhs238 to totally fill our tank.


This is another that shifts uncontrollably as indicated by where you look and what it are you are searching for. You can at present discover share convenience for around Dhs5000 every month in Khalidiya including all bills dependent on three companions sharing, yet it’s important that formally, unmarried couples and individuals from the contrary sex not from a similar family are not allowed to share by law.

Property is one thing in the emirate that individuals always whine about the cost of, however as per official reports, lease has really kept on diminishing all through 2017. As indicated by an article in The National, costs have dropped somewhere close to 3 and 5 percent since 2016 relying upon the sort of property and area.

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In spite of the fact that the cost of leasing a home may have gone down over the previous year, a vital point to note while planning is the new Municipality Fee that was presented toward the beginning of 2017 – every rental contract currently bring about an expense of 3%, figured on the estimation of the rental contract and payable through your service bill. The region expense pays for open administrations including those, for example, arranging and road cleaning.


Family unit utility expenses have additionally ascended for 2017. With The National revealing expats seeing a 31.76% expansion in water bills and a 27.6% increment in power bills. The costs recorded underneath are those for expats.


  • Water: for normal day by day utilization up to 5000 liters the cost is Dhs7.84 per 1000 liters. For utilization more than 5000 liters the cost is Dhs10.41 per 1000 liters
  • Electricity: for normal day by day utilization up to 200kWh the cost is fils26.8 per kWh. For utilization over 200kWh the cost is fils30.5 per kWh.
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  • Water: for normal day by day utilization up to 700 liters the cost is Dhs7.84 per 1000 liters. For utilization more than 700 liters the cost is Dhs10.41 per 1000 liters.
  • Electricity: for normal day by day utilization up to 20kWh the cost is fils26.8 per kWh. For utilization over 20kWh the cost is fils30.5 per kWh.

Basic supply which isn’t increment and not diminished:-

  • Milk 1 liter, Dhs5.50
  • Pasta (Lulu claim mark) 400g, Dhs2.90
  • Rice 2kg, changes relying upon the brand and type from anything between Dhs7 to Dhs30.
  • Toilet paper 10 moves x 400 sheets, Dhs17.50
  • Facial tissues 200s x 2ply, Dhs4.50
  • Ariel programmed washing powder 3kg, Dhs35.60
  • Tea 50 sacks Dhs8.95
  • Coffee 100g, Dhs14.50
  • Heinz Baked Beans 410g, Dhs5.25
  • Large French stick, Dhs2
  • Kellogg’s Corn Flakes 500g, Dhs14
  • Eggs, six nearby Dhs4
  • Eggs, six French imported unfenced affirmed natural, Dhs15.50

Meat which isn’t increment and not diminished:-

  • Whole flame broiled cooked chicken (served hot), Dhs13.90
  • New Zealand meat rib eye steak, Dhs85.90 per kg
  • New Zealand meat mince, Dhs50.90 per kg
  • Australian back end steak, Dhs49.90 per kg
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Products of the soil increment and diminished cost:-

  • Bananas, from Dhs6.45 per kg
  • Navel oranges (Australia), Dhs6.95 per kg
  • Apples, Royal Gala (New Zealand), Dhs8.95 per kg
  • Carrots (Australian import for the most part), Dhs4.95 per kg, Carrots from China 1.95 per kg
  • Peppers/capsicums (nearby), green Dhs7.95 per kg, orange Dhs13.95 per kg
  • Broccoli (Spain), Dhs13.95 per kg
  • Pineapple (Indonesia), Dhs5.95 per piece from Lulu – yet in the event that you get them from Spinneys or Waitrose, pineapples will set you back more than that per kilo!
  • Potatoes (Cyprus), Dhs3.65 per kilo

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