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Now days, WooCommerce is the right solution for eCommerce website. Through WooCommerce website easily made responsive, extendable designs, and fully tailored  with multiple unique features. WooCommerce is a per-build plug-in for WordPress CMS and have easy to design, customised eCommerce theme development, creating shopping cart to implement payment gateway functionality. Features of WooCommerce plugin: Standardized […]

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Best eCommerce Web Development Design Company in USA & India

Our eCommerce Web Design Company USA offer all business related web solutions for eCommerce websites as per client requirement and speciality. We work on all online business websites and understand all needs of clients. We made eCommerce website for all available device compatible like desktop, mobile, and tablets. If you want to add an item […]

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Ecommerce Website Development Jaipur, Web Design Jaipur, Ecommerce Company

Webetutorial is a Ecommerce Website Development Company specialising in web design & development, eCommerce shopping cart, Customized web solutions and Online Marketing Solutions. We deliver worthwhile Web solutions to our clients. Our aim is to made long-term partnerships with our clients. Our aim is to provide worth to client’s through minimised price of growth, fastest […]

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Advantages of Using WordPress Technology in Business Website Development

WordPress was originated for blogging but now days; WordPress is using for multipurpose content management and needs of business web development and design. WordPress design & development Company can assist you out to make your own company web page. Here are some advantages for WordPress to develop your websites: Simplicity in Use This is very […]

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WordPress Development at webetutorial is a stuff of some of the top ability in the business integration with approach and agility. clients responsibility is a key for us to help their online business needs without stopping create a product in their shop, we make sure that our services assist ease of use and managing business […]

WordPress Design and Development

Our WordPress development company utilizes skilled developers, designers, system engineers, and marketing professionals. We deal with the complete website development process: Market and Business Research Creative and Strategy Planning Iterative WordPress Development Automated Deployment and Testing Ongoing Development and Maintenance

Check Attachment Existence WordPress Tutorial

If you want to CHECK the same attachment name exists already before creating a new one or before inserting the attachment into the DB, you can use the following method: // check if attachment already exists $attachment_args = array( ‘posts_per_page’ => 1, ‘post_type’ => ‘attachment’, ‘name’ => $desc ); $att_check = new Wp_Query( $att_args ); […]

What is Layered Navigation in Magento2

The Layered Navigation feature in Magento2 gives customers a comfortable and efficient way to search the store catalog by providing filters. Magento2 native Layered Navigation can be displayed on product page and search page/result page. Layered Navigation is not just some simple block with links which allows you to filter. All these filters are dynamic […]