The SQL TOP or LIMIT phrase is used to obtain TOP N number records from a table. SQL Syntax:- SELECT column_name FROM table_name LIMIT number; Example:- The subsequent SQL query … Continue reading “SQL Top”

December 29, 2015 Command , Query webetutorial

SQL Like

The SQL LIKE query is used to evaluate a value to related values using wildcard operators. You could use two wildcards for conjunction with the LIKE operator…..

December 29, 2015 Command , eTutorial webetutorial

SQL Delete

The DELETE query is used to delete records from table….

December 29, 2015 Command , Delete webetutorial

SQL Update

The SQL UPDATE Query is used to adjust the existing records in a table. WHERE phrase also used with UPDATE query to update selected rows…

December 29, 2015 Book , Command webetutorial

SQL Order By

The ORDER BY is used to arrange the result-set by columns. The ORDER BY arranges the records in ascending (ASC) order. For descending order, you could use the DESC beside ASC….

December 29, 2015 By , Command webetutorial

SQL Insert

The SQL INSERT INTO query is used to append new rows of information to a table in the database…..

December 29, 2015 Command , Insert webetutorial

SQL Where

The WHERE statement is used to filter records that complete a particular standard…

December 23, 2015 Command , PHP webetutorial
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