If you are trying to create a rule on mentioned below point:

  • Only letters a through z and spaces
  • Minimum 2 letters
  • Maximum 30 letters
  • Each word must be at least 2 letters
  • First letter of each word capital

Use the following expression:

^(?=[a-zA-Z ]{2,30}$)[A-Z][a-z]+(?:[ ]+[a-zA-Z][a-z]+)*$


$len = strlen($input)
if ($len < 2 || $len > 40){
    // report error length
}else if (!preg_match('/ ^(?=[a-zA-Z ]{2,40}$)[A-Z][a-z]+(?:[ ]+[a-zA-Z][a-z]+)*$/', $input)){
    // report error pattern
    // process input
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