I have tryed to insert a new product in prestashop but it gives me error below:

PHP Warning: file_exists (): open_basedir restriction in effect  in www\html \ controllers \ admin \ AdminProductsController.php on line 3478 on mentioned code of line:

$ iso_tiny_mce = (file_exists (_PS_JS_DIR_. ‘tiny_mce / langs /’. $ iso_tiny_mce.. ‘js’)? $ iso_tiny_mce: ‘en’);

how can I fix?

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I was also getting this error, sometime ago so, I made the following change in mentioned file.

File Path: www\html \ controllers \ admin \ AdminProductsController.php

Replace the line:

$iso_tiny_mce = (file_exists(_PS_JS_DIR_.’tiny_mce/langs/’.$iso_tiny_mce.’.js’) ? $iso_tiny_mce : ‘en’);


$iso_tiny_mce = (file_exists(_PS_ROOT_DIR_.’/js/tiny_mce/langs/’.$iso_tiny_mce.’.js’) ? $iso_tiny_mce : ‘en’);

These changes fixed my problem. Hope this will help you.

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