To move Magento to other Directory you have to follow the following steps :

  • Suppose you have Magento installed in the following location
  • On visiting your site, you want Magento to be the first thing to come up
  • Let assume you have a directory structure like this: </br>
    That means Magento would be installed here </br>
  • Login to the backend of the Magento first and go to System -> Configuration -> Web
  • Update the Secure and Unsecure URL for your store and then link to your site via SSH and then go to the directory, where you will be shifting Magento cd public_html/
  • Now, transfer all the files from the store directory to the directory you are in
    mv store/* store/.htaccess
  • Delete the cache data </br>
    rm vf var/cache/
  • Now Magento is moved to another directory.
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