Yoga Poses to Help Reduce Stress and Tension

Posted On: July 31, 2018

There was a time, when mostly peoples would aware the value of balancing our personal & professional lives but today, With our life-style we are forgetting the those values and due to this unbalancing life-style suffering from anxiety and physical & mental health issues.

Here we are going to let you some top asanas and pranayams which not only help you to reduce stress and anxiety but also provide other benefits as well.

Camel Pose:

camel | yoga
1. This pose Increases the flexibility in the spine and reduce the anxiety.
2. Stretch the chest and shoulders.
3. Affects the thyroid.
4. Releases stress and insures enhanced blood circulation.

Bridge Pose:

5. Stretches the muscles of the whole body.
6. Increases blood circulation.
7. Reduce sleep disorders.
8. Reduces anxiousness.

Cobra Pose:

cobra pose
9. Reduce Weakens of spine
10. Soothes neuralgy.
11. Improves digestion.
12. Effective in stress symptoms like headaches

Half Spinal Twist:

Half Spinal Twist Upper, Middle, and Lower Back Pain Relief
13. Increases spinal flexibility.
14. Releases tension of the spine.
15. Reduces back pain and stiffness.
16. Loose hip joints.
17. Improves round shoulders.

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Bee Breath:

bee breath
18. Eases headaches.
19. Reduce blood pressure.
20. Calming down the mind.

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