My WordPress website just got infected or hacked

Posted On: November 13, 2017

When you found, your WordPress website has been infected or hacked that is frustrating movement you encounter. Most website hosting identifies the infections and informs you about them because they don’t provide any clean up services so, you need to take action or clean up yourself.

There are some an effort to save WP website, I would share some things you should do immediately when you find a WordPress Infection or hack.

Stay Cool & Calm

This is an important step because owner get tensed, what happened with site and what they do?  First contact with your server support, if they are not able to do anything try yourself with using most important or necessary plugin of wordpress that will help to remove infection from your website or you can hire a WordPress developer for your issue.

Change All Passwords

There is a vast chance that your website may hacked due to unsafe login password of backend, FTP and Cpanel. If your website hacked than first you sould change all passwords and than go for any action. Your password must be more secure. Your wordpress website only have one admin account, If you notice additional admin users which doesn’t belong to you or your group, delete them immediately.

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