WP Plugin Introduction

WordPress is a blogging platform which can dispatch into numerous different scripts, for example, web gatherings and even a great website page Content Management System.

We’ll be going over a couple of approaches to begin in modules advancement for WordPress. The strides are genuinely straightforward and don’t require an expansive devotion to concentrate on.

Making your very own module is truly not that troublesome and can take care of a ton of issues. Duplicating and gluing helpful code and extra elements into your wordpress site. A module is a protected approach to experiment with new things and the best approach in the event that you have to actualize cross-subject capacities.

Simple WordPress plugin Development have some intermediate/advanced concepts:-

  1. Creating a simple plug-in for integrating new functionality with WordPress website.
  2. Understanding wordpress plugin structure
  3. Use hooks.
  4. Use filters.
  5. Add scripts and styles.
  6. Creating a plugin settings page.
  7. Enhancing wordpress plugins with add on features

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