WP Starting PHP File

While making another module you’ll have to begin with a basic PHP record. This can be named anything besides ought to for the most part mirror your module’s official name. So for instance I have made our base code and have named my document index.php or pluginname.php.

The main lines of your module must be remark data for the parsing motor. This is critical as WordPress will be notable process your document without. The following is a sample code snippit you can duplicate and shape towards your own.



Plugin Name: Visitor count

Plugin URI: http://www.webetutorial.com/

Description: WordPress visitor count plugin. This plugin show number of unique visitor visited your site.

Author: Victor

Version: 1.0

Author URI: http://www.webetutorial.com/



The Plugin Name is what will show up in your Admin backend panel when you go to activate. Same with the URI which will be placed in the details pane inside the plug-ins panel. Although it’s not required to include a version or description it does make your plugin look much more professional.

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