Ways to Encourage People to Comment on your Blog

Posted On: July 29, 2018

Some bloggers and clients think commenting has no value in website marketing or web promotion that is dead technique. When I was started blogging, I was also thinking same and not connected with social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. If subscribers or visitor was wanted to respond to a post, they had to leave a comment on the blog by using email address, rather than tweet or comment on a Facebook thread.


You may believe that if you had more subscribers or visitor then you’d get more comments, but that is not works every-time. Some blogs need one or two comments on post and some need dozens of comment.


I am going to describe few key points which will encourage giving more comments on your blog:


#1 Comment on Other Bloggers Posts

If you have many blogs on your website and not getting comments on it then this might be part of the reason when you are not connecting with the more peoples. To get more comment and visitor on your site you need to comment on other blogger post which will increase the readers on your websites as well.

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You could also set up a relationship with a group of bloggers, commenting forums and social sites. It could be a good style to start discussions about your blogs.


#2 Respond to the Comments Readers Leave

If someone comments on you post and you are not replying on those comments then make a habit to comment to get more of them. Visitors don’t comment again if they don’t receive a response and they might not give the time to leave their thoughts either.


#3 Let Readers Subscribe to Comments

You might want to install functionality to subscribe visitor on your comment because that will help you to increase more visibility of you website. In this case if someone leaves a comment, they will be watchful to any further comments on the post. They can see you have replied to their comment or added for further the discussion.

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