W3Total Cache Page storing system is to a degree extremely confounding. Which page to cleanse ? does the document need to cleanse to? what about the gadget?

We realize that W3 Total Cache as of now have system to cleanse chronicle page with similar tag/ class (post term cleanse). However this is not sufficient.

Consider this situation:

Web sitemap:

1. Home

2. category/category_1

3. post_type_2

4. pages_x (contain post_type_2 with custom WP_Query )

With ordinary W3 Total store in the event that you distribute post with post_type_2 and classification 1 the/pages_x won’t cleanse !

Our answer is to cleanse all the page reserve amid a post is checked distribute.

At the point when all page is cleansed ?

1. There is new post stamped as distribute (upgraded or new post)

2. Post move to junk


Download it here W3 Total Cache Purge All Post Plugin


1. Grap the plugin from wordpress plugin catalog or Upload w3-aggregate reserve cleanse all-post envelope to the/wp-content/plugins/ registry

2. Activate W3 Total Cache Plugin, DISABLE ‘Prime post store on distribute’ on page reserve choice. It will execute your performance

3. Activate the plugin

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