Do You Use a Blog Comment Policy?

Comments are an essential part of blogs. They assist readers relate to articles by making questions and building conversation and are even endorsed with creating some of the strongest online social group today. But, how do you maintain everything clean and on matter? Do your users know what to suppose? I’m not talking about common wisdom and anti-spam practices, I’m talking on the subject of a policy. Do you have one? We have a blog comment policy here, and it’s as follows:

Comments will be acknowledged if they rally the following conditions:

• The blog comments is not spam.

• The blog comments is not left exclusively to drive traffic elsewhere.

• The blog comments is not commonly off area.

• The blog comments is not obscene or wicked.

• The commenter has left an actual name or appropriate screen name.

We do utilize a broad list of control keywords, but if your blog comment is held for temperance and abides by our blog comment policy, it will be acknowledged shortly.By submitting a blog comment here you consent to the above comment policy.

You may observe that we’ve added a helpful information to it above our comment form by just editing the theme’s comments template. It’s just about as easy as typing the desired text above the form fields.

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