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Posted On: January 22, 2015

Technology is ever evolving. It wasn’t some time past that the mobile had revolutionized the whole market. during a span of a couple of years, we’ve netbooks and bit screen tablets, except desktops, laptops and mobile. And whereas we tend to were busy making websites for audience owing these devices,Responsive website that appearance at fluid grids, fluid styles and media queries to form websites that go with screen size and determination it’s viewed on.

While it’s mostly united that having a mobile website shouldn’t be compromised for Responsive website design, the latter has its own set of advantages, that is why maybe that even Google is recommending it. the benefits of responsive website square measure strictly those of single vs multiple websites. the benefits of Responsive website planning square measure merely those of single website vs. multiple sites:

Accessibility : Your audience will access the website through any device of their selection. whereas a similar website can reply to screen size yet as screen resolution, the listeners can have a like whole proficiency throughout.

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Better internet strategy : With only 1 website to control, your approach for your on-line presences are going to be one consolidated arrange which is able to be easier to place into impact. gratuitous to mention that pursuit the progress can consequentially be economical yet, except reducing the upkeep hassles.

Better SEO : this is often another necessary issue to want responsive website design. Separate websites rob off the SEO juices one website will get, since the whole variety of holiday maker gets divided into completely different websites created for various browsers. Responsive website designing permits own one website that handles the whole traffic and thus higher SEO.

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