PHP Magic Methods

  1. __get()/__set() – These are magic getters and setters for getting and putting values for class properties created dynamically.
  2. __isset() – This magic method will be invoked automatically while checking whether a required overloaded property is set or not.
  3. __unset() – Similarly, when we call PHP unset() function on such dynamically created properties, this magic method will automatically be invoked.
  4. __call()/__callStatic() – These two magic methods are dedicated for accessing dynamically created but invisible methods on PHP method overloading.
  5. __sleep() – This will be invoked on calling PHP serialize() function.
  6. __wakeup() – It will do the reverse work to restore objects properties and resources.
  7. __toString() – This method is expected return a string value while using class instances with PHP printing statements.
  8. __invoke()-This method defined in a class will be called when we make a function call with the name of that class instance.
  9. __set_static()-This is a static method invoked while exporting objects property array and expects such array variable as its argument.
  10. __clone()-This function is used while PHP Object Cloning.
  11. __construct()/__destruct()

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