Oculus Quest 6DOF All-in-One VR System

Posted On: November 9, 2018

We are excited to move in the next era of VR gaming which will launch in spring 2019. It has six degrees of freedom and touch controllers that makes easy to jump right into the action with no external sensors.

Oculus Insight:

We unveiled Oculus Insight and breakthrough technology that powers inside-out tracking and touch controller tracking. VR gaming uses four ultra wide-angle sensors algorithms to track exact position in real time. Sense of immersion, presence, and mobility provided by Insight and easy to setup whenever you want.

VR Games Deserve the Best VR Controllers:

With the single button, thumb sticks, and sensors define VR gaming, our perceptive touch controllers bring real hands into VR and let you with no trouble and interact with the world around you. Now you could have the benefit of the best VR gaming offer which is starting at $399 USD with a 64GB headset with the portability of all-in-one VR.

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Quality Meets Comfort:

Oculus Quest meets the best of class optics as Oculus Go with 1600×1440 display resolutions per eye, while integrating a lens spacing amendment to help maximize visual comfort.

All in the Family:

With the presentation of Oculus Quest, we’ve finished our original of best-in-class VR headsets. Oculus Go remains the simplest and most reasonable approach to get into VR, while Oculus Rift use the intensity of your PC to push the breaking points of what’s conceivable. On account of Oculus Quest, we’re presently ready to consolidate the better of the two universes and welcome considerably more individuals into the VR people group.

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