Meta Tag Tips SEO

We know that Meta tag (title, description, keyword) is the most privilege ranking aspects which can’t be avoided.

Here are few SEO guidelines for Meta Tags for you

– We utilize Meta labels for Google as well as for clients.

– Meta tags notify search engine and users that what data is being given by page.

– Meta tags are compulsory for ranking. You couldn’t rank your website without Meta tags.

– Meta tag should be applicable to your page content.

– Don’t replica your Meta tag from other internal pages.

– Check your webmaster for meta tag problem.

Title Tag

– Make your title good-looking and attractive.

– Google illustrate only 56 – 60 characters of your title tags. If you are utilizing capital letters then it will not illustrate some characters for the reason that capital letters obtains more pixels.

Stop Words

– Don’t utilize stop words (for, in, the, to, with etc.) in the title because search engine don’t think them.

– Don’t rehash words in title tag

– Use your major targeted keywords in the starting of your title, Google give extra priority to keywords which are in the starting of title tag.

Description Meta Tag

– Google can obtain highest 162 characters with space.

– Don’t edge only on major targeted keywords but use keyword discrepancy (Meta, content, url, alt etc.)

– Make it unique, good-looking and applicable.

Keyword Meta Tag

– Google doesn’t think Keyword tags for search engine ranking but some further search engines still utilize that so it is fine to use them.

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