Why Magento Is Best eCommerce Platform? Reason To Know

Posted On: January 9, 2019
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E-commerce is a good business choice and in 2018 its sales has risen above $700 billion. It is important that you use Magento e-commerce agency as it is trusted and rated highly by thousands of developers. Magento e-commerce agency is known for creating quality and engaging e-commerce platforms for businesses.

Magento is the most recognized e-commerce platform. It is simple, easy to use and it has a flexible content management system (CMS). Magento is good for marketing as it generates revenues and it creates efficient URLs.

Magento e-commerce platform is affordable, it has customizable themes, it supports multiple websites and it manages your products properly. Magento is optimized for SEO and it has quick checkout options.

Magento is an e-commerce platform that is tailored to development professionals. It offers a free version and premium services. Magento gives you the ability to add unlimited products, it offers theme based systems, it supports extensions and offers additional security features.

Magento powers more than 17% of the top websites in the world. It is used by Samsung, Ford, Nike, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Olympus, Fox Connect, Warby Parker, Bulgari, Paul Smith, Christian Louboutin, SodaStream and Vizio.


  1. Magento is open source: Magento e-commerce agency created Magento and Magento is an open source that is trusted by an active community. Magento provides marketplace extensions and features that leads to the development of an exceptional e-commerce platform. You should power your online business with Magneto as it is flexible and scalable. With Magento you get enhanced security and robust performance.
  2. Dedicated to e-commerce: Magento has risen in popularity because it is dedicated to e-commerce. The features and functionalities of Magento can be easily integrated to the e-commerce store and they leave customers engaged. Magento is perfect for e-commerce because it eases inventory management, customer segmentation, up-selling and cross provisions, it has a dashboard and it has product bundling.
  3. Magento is SEO effective: Magento is perfect for your e-commerce business as it is SEO effective. Magento has URLs, customized meta descriptions, sitemaps, layered navigation, it can be easily optimized, it has meta-tags and many others.
  4. Management of product categories: Magento helps you keep track of all products in your e-commerce stores. Magento helps you update your stock and you get updated information on product categories in your store.
  5. Third party support: Magento has multi third party support. It is a platform that integrates seamlessly with third party extension. Magento e-commerce agency helps create a great e-commerce store. Magento has a library of extensions that integrate easily.
  6. Management of multiple stores: You can manage different stores and cater to different customers all over the world if you use Magento. Magento streamlines the admins of stores by providing a single interface.
  7. Currency support: The gateway for payment is easy on Magento as it offers multi-currency support. Magento takes your business global as it accepts multiple currencies.
  8. Flexible: Magento is flexible. It evolves with changing trends and you can easily scale up your e-commerce website as Magento is open source. Magento gives flexibility to its customers and administrators.
  9. Website support: Magento gives you the ability to control multiple e-commerce stores at a low cost.
  10. Easy payment services: Magento allows easy integration of payment services into your e-commerce store. Magento offers efficient payment options such as PayPal, Sage Pay, Google Checkout and others.
  11. Analytics functionality: Magento has analytics tools in its platforms that help its user take the right decisions.
  12. Reward points: Customer retention is key in e-commerce and Magento offers reward points to customers.
  13. Responsive: Magento automatically makes your website to be responsive.
  14. Increased control: Store owners have better and efficient control and management of their e-commerce website when they use Magento.
  15. Customer segments: Magento customer segmentation can help you improve conversion in your e-commerce website.
  16. Hosting freedom: Magento allows you to pick the right hosting option without tying yourself to costly packages.
  17. Targeting mobile customers: Magento helps you target and engage with mobile based customers.
  18. Affordable: Magento e-commerce platform is affordable.
  19. Speed: Magento will make your website to load quickly and this improves your SEO ranking and your customer conversion.
  20. Rule-based product relations: Magento has a feature that is called Rule-based product relations. This feature helps you automate the products that appear as cross-sells, up-sells and related products.
  21. Made for e-commerce: Magento is a good for e-commerce as it has user dashboards, inventory management, supplier management, it allows you to bundle products and it has upsell capabilities.
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Magento is a content management system (CMS) that is of high quality, SEO friendly and feature rich. Magento is a platform that is popular among business organizations. The reasons why Magento is popular are:

  1. Easy to use
  2. It provides support for multiple languages
  3. It makes sure your pages load faster.
  4. It is open source
  5. It effectively manages traffic.
  6. It is SEO friendly.
  7. It is SEO compatible.
  8. Magento uses rewards to engage its customers
  9. Magento is customizable.
  10. Magento offers an exemplary shopping experience.
  11. The options for deployment in Magento are numerous.

Magento is the best platform from an e-commerce development company. The two Magento products that are currently available are the Magento Community Edition and the Magento Enterprise Edition.

The Magento Community Edition is excellent for the developer or merchant that wants to explore the flexibility of the platform. In the Magento Community Edition you can engage the community, you can contribute to codes and you can modify codes. The Magento Community Edition is an affordable way to create an engaging site for businesses. It provides code visibility to developers and it is advanced by the creation of new extensions, forums, user groups and contributed codes.

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The community version of Magento supports unlimited number of products, it has its own theme and layout, it has efficient APIs and it has an excellent admin interface. The community version integrates with payment options, it is built for scalability and the checkout process is easy.

The Magento Community Edition provides exceptional e-commerce that supports multiple currencies, multiple languages and local tax rates. You can customize the Magento Community Edition to meet your requirements.

Magento Enterprise Edition offers optimum performance and it is scalable. It offers flexibility and features that you can use to create an e-commerce website that is suitable for you. Magento Enterprise Edition can help you increase conversion to your e-commerce business, it can drive traffic to your store and it will increase your online revenue.

Magento Enterprise Edition empowers merchants to offer engaging experiences on all devices and on all channels to customers. It offers a shopping experience that is engaging and this leads to faster checkouts and increased conversion. The Magento Enterprise Edition improves shopper engagement by offering incentives and rewards. It can be deployed in all environments and it can be easily integrated with third party solutions.

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Magento is used by many brands because it is exemplary, functional, trusted, well equipped, customizable and adaptable. Magento is scalable and it has a library of extensions.

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