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Posted On: April 28, 2015

We design brands pages for Magento enables make separate pages for brands existing in your magento store and connect to them from product pages therefore building it easier for your users to browse. Our magento brand designer service allow create buyers filter products by brands, navigation on brand pages, brands stock list, meta-tags and SEO-friendly URLs.

Showcase Features:

• Specifies the quantity of items recorded under every brand in the Brands List.

• Allows making editable brand data pages with adaptable designs.

Navigation Features:

• Allows buyers to filter products by brand, with a sidebar shown on the page as well.

• Allows for showing brands only from the category in the sidebar.

• Allows for using Magento navigation on brand pages.

• Display categories as a tree on brand pages.

• Make a new area with links to brands.

• Allows for displaying Brand pages on the Sitemap.

• Show listing of the brands that are in stock.

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SEO highlights:

• Allows for optimizing magento brand pages for search engines by determining meta-tags and SEO-friendly URLs.

• Allows for utilizing canonical link meta tags.

• Allows to customize magento brand page URL.

For Our Custom Brand Listing extension visit our Magento Brands Listing page.

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