Important Features of an e-Commerce Website to Increase Sales

Posted On: May 29, 2018

In modern time, all business depend on its offline or online sales. Online sales depends on e-commerce website design and its call to action features. If your website have user friendly features then your selling chance would increase as compare to your competitors.

Ecommerce website has the features like bright and cheerful  colours that suit your product department and surely attract more and more customers to your online store. Below we are writing some eCommerce CMS and Features :

WordPress E-Commerce (WooCommerce) Plugin:

This plugin create whole default store in on click installation that have store page, cart page, checkout page, filters and all functionalty which needs to create eCommerce website. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin with additional features. You could sell digital and physical products, manage inventory and shipping, process checkout with secure payments, and sort taxes automatically.

jQuery Slider:

This slider gives attractive looks to website and here you can quickly show general information about your online store and its products.

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Custom Shopping Cart:

The custom shopping cart use for notify to customers about their total amount of product and pricing within their shopping carts.

Product List With Grid View:

By this features customers can softly compare the product overview and it’s price before buying different brands of product.

Ads Banner:

By this feature you can show premium or free ads on your website that will increase the traffic on your website and increase your revenue and attention.

Product Slider:

Every website owner wants his e-Commerce website looks interesting and profitable as possible. If you have offer product on your website then you can add into slider or in the product showcases which will increase sale with those products.

Zoom-able Product Images:

you can add hd images on your product and make zoom features by using extension or custom code. If you want to use per-build plug-in then you will go with free or premium or hire a developer for custom code.  When your customer  want to see high-detailed pictures of your product and set his/her mind for those product then surely  increase your product sale.

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Search Products:

This kind of feature increase the website worth. If your website doesn’t have such like functionality the ask your developer to make them. It helps customers to find their desirable product and buy from your site without browsing each page.

Blog Integration:

This feature is a powerful for each website. That will increase the trust and increase website worth. This is also used for describing the product and website work in details.

Related Products:

The idea of related products means offering alternatives or additions products with the current product. This may be known as the “cross selling products” or “similar products” and mostly used in recommendations using the titles “You May Also Like”.

Social Media Page Integration:

Social media integration increase the users for your website and enables your website go through the biggest social networks around the world.

By using all of above design and marketing patterns, you can begin to explore different options for your e-commerce website.

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