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Posted On: December 27, 2015

The <a> tag is used for links. This tag is also called anchor tag or hyperlink. Following is the simple syntax to use <a> tag with open and closing tag.


<a href=””>Visit our WEB tutorial</a>

The href attribute used for the destination address.

The link text is the visible part (Visit our WEB tutorial).

The target Attribute

The target attribute identify where to open the linked document.


<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Visit Webetutorial!</a>

Here is a some target attributes of links:

Target ValueDescription
_blankOpens the linked page in a new window or tab
_selfOpens the linked page in the same frame
_parentOpens the linked page in the parent frame
_topOpens the linked page in the full body of the window
framenameOpens the linked page in a named frame

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