As Magento 2 Invoice, the default template is not attractive with default logo. You can use your business logo beside default logo and show on invoice to brand your business.

For Invoice, you need to edge on the standard with a high-resolution logo for PDF invoices and other sales documents. The image must be rendered to cover a space that is 200 pixels wide by 50 pixels high. Follow the way to do this:

  • On the Admin sidebar, click Stores > Settings > Configuration. Then, look into the panel on the left, under Sales and click on it
  • Open the Invoice and Packing┬áSlip Design section.
  • To upload the Logo for PDF Print-outs, click Choose File. Choose the logo, then click Open
  • To upload the Logo for HTML Print View, click Choose File. Choose the logo, then click Open
  • Fill your address to show on invoices and packing slips.
  • When complete, click Save Configuration.
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