The Guest Posting have indirect SEO Benefits

Posted On: October 29, 2017
The Guest Posting

If you go behind the word of search engine optimization (SEO), the guest blogging designed with the goal keep in mind, no spammy content will use in the website and increase worth of website. However, it comes out that some people using this platform with some spammy things; so, in this case Google decided to take it out.

One of the biggest problems with the guest posting for SEO, the people doesn’t have approach on it. Many people try to add the maximum number of different domains links in a guest post. This creates problems with SEO.

Let me point up this with an example: Imagine that a publisher has a 5 different websites domain for his business and they write about that market space on a regular basis. Such this thing increase authority level of the sites.

Now, imagine publisher has only one post per site; they do five to six guest posts per month, and they are quite happy, so they are on the high authority websites right away. In the meantime, the value of the websites goes down, than their new articles value goes down.

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Some people use press releases for SEO, and it is also a much harmful practice but press releases can cause bloggers to learn about your business, and that is a great thing. A smart guest posting strategy increase business impact that is indirect SEO impact on your website.

RWD as Responsive Web Design, this is also affecting website ranking indirectly. The design approach use fluid, flexible images and varying CSS style rules on desktop & mobile while maintaining the same HTML and URL structure.

Slow Pages is an area where responsive websites can sometimes be negatively affected by their configuration choice. As a result, responsive websites goes slow. This is also affecting SEO indirectly.

When posting a gust post, one factor is the readability of their content is also affecting indirect SEO. Readability of their content depend on their keyword density, keyword decorations, Meta tags, image alt tags, and more.

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