Converting HTML to WordPress

Posted On: March 29, 2015

You have a HTML site, yet you need to switch over to the most prevalent CMS on the web today – WordPress. Genuinely, this is possible and not by any means hard in the event that you know how a tiny bit about WordPress and take after these guidelines. We can escape.

Utilize a back-end envelope to introduce WordPress

This is useful for changing over HTML to WordPress, as well as useful for your site security as well. Keep in mind that any programmer that experiences your site will anticipate that it will be in the public_html organizer. Utilize an obscure name so nobody can get it immediately, something along the lines of You don’t need to stress over the name of the organizer seeming well and good, just you and any conceivable scholars/staff individuals are going to need to stress over recalling this URL when logging in.

Separate the segments

In the event that you need to utilize a HTML layout to make a WordPress topic, the first thing you have to do is particular the format segments. These incorporate the primary substance range, sidebar, footer, and header. Each of these will have their own particular document in your catalog.

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Make your site

You now have WordPress introduced, running out of sight. This implies that you can plan and modify any route you like. You can go into your HTML site and duplicate the substance from that point into the WordPress word processor. You can duplicate and glue any data from your sidebar and duplicate that data into your sidebar gadget in WordPress.

Rename your old list page

The primary page in HTML is ordinarily named index.htm or index.html. When you have finished exchanging all your WordPress data, you need to rename this current document. Maybe rename it to file old.htm or record old.html. Thusly, you can undoubtedly discover it again in the event that you choose that the WordPress change did not go as arranged. That way you don’t need to stress over downtime.

Change the URL in your WordPress settings

You can have all your site documents in one organizer with WordPress. Here is the means by which you can do that:

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• In your WordPress dashboard, go to “Settings” > ‘General’.

• Change the site address (URL) to the principle space. For us this would be Additionally change the WordPress address (URL) for us this would be

• Next click the blue connection “to be unique in relation to the index” and take after the bearings that say “Utilizing a prior subdirectory introduce”.

While this may be some more specialized than some comprehend, middle to cutting edge WordPress clients ought to have no issue with it. Learner clients would do well to peruse up on what makes WordPress lives up to expectations before proceeding with onto the following step. After that, you have finished your HTML to WordPress conversion.

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