Choosing a Social Media Marketing Course

Posted On: August 9, 2018

You need to consider few points choosing a social media marketing. 10 years ago social media marketing jobs didn’t exists but now days if you are looking on   LinkedIn about ‘social media marketing’ jobs, you will get 8000 above results.

So, whether you are searching full time or part times options, the possibilities exist if you expend in some up-skill.

Following areas we considering before choosing a course:

What is the learning method?

It is very important to understand are you able to learn by online courses or want to go with face-to-face learning courses. In the online courses, you can learn anytime when you are free for learn and need to be self-disciplined.

Some courses have submission dates for legal documents and some are open so, you can choose course according to your need. Face-to-face courses give you an opportunity to put up individual questions about marketing, beside online courses will take time.

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Online marketing courses often allow you to revisit new material as often as you need but face to face material teach by tutor at one time of class duration.

What content does social media marketing cover?

Online marketing courses are difficult to covers but you could cover below mentioned points:

  • You can learn use of social media channels – Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Google My Business.
  • Content marketing.
  • Competitor analysis and call to actions.
  • Create videos, images and blog posts.
  • Use of keywords and hash-tags.
  • Designing and developing websites.
  • Social media and digital marketing strategy.

What qualification will you earn?

Generally everyone have expectation, of doing this course to gain a amount of money from own business or for getting a job in IT companies/recognisable organisation.

Having a qualification on marketing course shows a certain level of skills and knowledge that increase the opportunity of jobs and your business or personal profile will stand out against others.

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You don’t need a full qualification, just need to learn that would be best for you. However, you still want to learn if you will get new knowledge to enhance your skills.

What level is the training?

Some of courses are covered in diploma and a certificate category. Both category have own level like level1, level 3, level 4, etc.

Generally, qualified courses are high level course and maintain knowledge and skills accordingly. According to these level companies or client give you jobs so, always carefully to choose courses which you are going to complete with certification.

How much time will you need?

Online and face-to-face course have different time. Some course completed in six month and some in a year but time is also depend on your learning power, concentrate, analysis, understand and applying thoughts.

What level of support will you get?

Online and face-to-face course learning time, power, analysis and applying thoughts also depend on your support, if your supporter have good knowledge and tell you short & good key to success than you will definitely get success in career and business.

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How much does it cost?

Online and face-to-face courses have different cost. Long term courses have high cost instead of crash courses but long term courses will give you huge knowledge and learning experience rather than crash and short term courses.

Certificated courses, delivered by certified companies for training of respective courses and charge reasonable amount for it, such as $1,000 – $3,500 including VAT/GST, so it is quality depend on payment plans.

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