A Push Up Exercise

Posted On: August 29, 2017

Muscle Groups Worked:

Pectoralis Major, Deltoid, Tricep brachii, rectus abdominis, serratus front, coracobrachialis.


In the event that you can’t perform a push up on your toes then begin of on the knees until you get more sufficiently grounded to do as such.

Orderly Guide:

Start on all fours with the hands on the floor marginally more extensive than yet in accordance with the shoulders.

The body ought to frame a straight line from the shoulders to the lower legs. 

Squeeze the abs as tight as would be prudent and keep them locked. 

Lower the body until the mid-section about touches the floor, verifying that the elbows are tucked in near the middle. 

Pause for a minute then inspire yourself back to the beginning position. 

Push-ups an upper body strengthening exercise

Advantages of Push Ups:

The push up is an extraordinary muscle conditioning activity for the arms, mid-section, triceps and the front of the shoulders, whether performed on the knees or toes this is a decent quality building practice that can be performed anyplace.H


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