PHP Class

Concept for Object Oriented Language Object-Oriented:- With Object-Oriented Programming, we could copy the general idea by using a class. Class:- A class is a unit of code that explains the characteristics and behaviors. Object:- An object is a explicit instance of a class. Properties:- The characteristics of a class or object are known as its […]

WP Activation And Deactivation

I’ve made a specimen document for the module to demo in the event that you’d like to skirt the hard coding. Basically download this record (rename it to .php) or duplicate/glue the code into another PHP archive and transfer this to your/wp-content/modules registry. Modules will be on inert status naturally. We can tap on the […]

WP Filters and Actions

There is another idea significant of specifying before we bounce into our crude code. Activities and channels are two totally diverse ideas which relate profoundly in the ways they control module information. These two bits of code come standard inside of the WordPress API. Channels and activities consider module engineers to redesign bits of code […]