The SQL TOP or LIMIT phrase is used to obtain TOP N number records from a table. SQL Syntax:- SELECT column_name FROM table_name LIMIT number; Example:- The subsequent SQL query selects 5 records from the Read more…


SQL Update

The SQL UPDATE Query is used to adjust the existing records in a table. WHERE phrase also used with UPDATE query to update selected rows...


SQL Order By

The ORDER BY is used to arrange the result-set by columns. The ORDER BY arranges the records in ascending (ASC) order. For descending order, you could use the DESC beside ASC....


SQL And & Or

The AND & OR operators are used to sort out records based on more than one situation. If both the first condition AND the second situation are true then you will get records....


HTML Iframes

You could describe an inline frame with HTML tag iframe. The iframe tags classify a region within the page in which the browser could display a separate document.