WordPress Web Development Company & Custom WordPress Service

WEBeTutorial is a WordPress Web Development Company India, committed to providing services in 90+ countries. We have experienced programmers, who build it potential to carry WordPress web development and WordPress Content Management. It is the outcome of the regular efforts of our brilliant developers that has completed it potential for us to achieve 9200+ projects and […]

WordPress Sites are Blocked by Google

According reports Google blocked 10,000 websites over 110,000 WordPress websites reason of Malware attack.
Malware Attack: Hackers was able to control your website and place their website material. Google can slump your natural ranking if your site is polluted by malware attack.

Do You Use a Blog Comment Policy?

Comments are an essential part of blogs. They assist readers relate to articles by making questions and building conversation and are even endorsed with creating some of the strongest online social group today. But, how do you maintain everything clean and on matter? Do your users know what to suppose? I’m not talking about common […]